NFT Crowdfunding Platform

First Startup, Musician and Artist Crowdfunding Platform for NFTs

Each NFT Holder will enjoy EXCLUSIVE perks and benefits from a wide range of startups  

A first of its kind opportunity providing seed capital in, up to, 24 exciting Startups and Artists across a variety of industries. In addition, we are launching a new NFT Crowdfunding Platform to help promote and launch startups and artists – and provide Utility Rewards for all NFT Holders – for years to come!

What is the NFT Crowdfunding Group?

We are building the largest NFT Crowdfunding Platform for emerging artists, musicians and inspiring entrepreneurs to showcase their NFT Projects and help them launch – as well as providing seed capital in to up to 24 Startups and Performing Artists chosen by NFT Holders

Crowdfunded Startups

Each NFT Holder can vote on which initial Startups are provided with seed capital to start their business

Continued Utility

For years to come every new artist, musician or startup on the Platform will provide Rewards for NFT holders

NFT Reward Program

EXCLUSIVE NFT Holder Rewards Program entitling NFT Holders to exclusive rewards, events and gifts


DAO Tokens

Revenue Share from any Startup IPOs to be put back in community driven DAO for future initiatives

Crowdfund Platform

The first NFT Crowdfunding Platform for future artists, musicians and startups to promote their dreams


The Blockchain will hold all agreements and contracts for each startup seed fund and share

Music NFTs
NFT Crowdfunding Platform Launch

First NFT Crowdfunding Platform to launch for artists, musicians, performers to have a voice


A platform for all artists to have a voice for their NFT launch


Artists can give back to their NFT holders through 1 on 1 initiatives


Follow each Artist’s journey to stardom and share in their rewards


Exclusive Whitelists and Rewards for our NFT Holders

NFT VC Group

Changing the World

NFT Crowdfunding Group will change the shape of Web 3.0

Initially we will provide up to 24 startups with seed capital – as chosen by the NFT holders in true crowdfunding style – that will spread across many industries, including Web 3.0, which can help shape the ‘new internet’ for decades to come.

Next Generation Crowdfunding

We are launching the first NFT Crowdfunding Website and Platform

As well as investing in an initial group of startups we are building a much needed site and platform for many more artists, musicians, performers and entrepreneurs to promote and help launch their own NFT collections and voice their future dreams, visions and goals.

NFT holders can join the EXCLUSIVE PLATINUM REWARDS PROGRAM and have access to whitelists, merchandise, promotions, free mints, discounts, free products & services and events! 

NFT VC Group
NFT VC Group

Extra Added Utility

Giveaways, Exclusive Whitelists, Airdrops, Free NFT Mint, ETH Rewards and more…  

NFT Holders will have a whole range of utility on offer. Ethereum giveaways, airdrops to partner NFT launches and an exclusive free mint opportunity for NFT Holders are just the very start.

Each of the initial 24 Startups will provide exclusive rewards, merchandise, giveaways, promotions, discounts, free products and services to all our NFT Holders – plus all Artists and Startups promoted through the community lead NFT Crowdfunding Platform will provide even more utility including whitelist places, free exclusive events, rare merchandise and free access to products and services!

Exclusive Portal

Keep a track of all startups in the exclusive NFT Crowdfunding Portal

Regular progress updates on all startups within the crowdfunding group will be made available within the exclusive NFT Crowdfunding Platform due to launch between Q2 and Q3 2022.

NFT VC Group
NFT VC Group

Making the World a Better Place

We will give back to causes and charities making a difference to people’s lives

The founders of VC NFT Group are passionate about providing help and support to those who need it most. Part of the funds will be distributed between two children’s charities we are in the process of partnering with. More news announced shortly.

Be part of our International community bringing like minded, forward thinking, individuals together to share innovation, networking and friendship to all involved

The Future Plan

The NFT Crowdfunding Group Roadmap for 2022 and 2023

Q2, 2022

Pre-Sale and Public Mint

Q3, 2022

The Vote, Giveaways and Free Mint

Q3, 2022

Exclusive NFT CF Portal Launch

Q4, 2022

NFT Crowdfunding Platform Launch

Q1, 2023

Artist NFT Promotions and Giveaways

Q2, 2023

Metaverse Environment for Performing Artists

Q3, 2023

1st Year Report for Crowdfunded Startups

NFT Crowdfunding Startups and Utility

The NFT Crowding Group will serve as a collaborative community that will help shape Web3 and the non-digital world


NFT Holders decide on Startups to provide seed capital to


Follow each Startups journey through our Exclusive Group Portal


Startups across diverse and exciting industries, incl Web3


Exclusive VIP Rewards available to NFT Holders through the Platinum Exclusive Rewards Program

NFT Crowdfunding Group Community

Frequently Asked Questions

NFT Crowdfunding Group is creating a one-of-a-kind way to experience NFTs.

What is the NFT Crowdfunding Group?

The NFT Crowdfunding Group helps provide seed capital in to a number of startups and artists (up to 24) across a range of industries and genres. In return each Startup or Artist will provide exclusive utility or rewards to NFT Holders – and a % share of the startup business, or royalty share of future earnings, to be put in to a community driven wallet and voted on by the DAO as to which initiatives will be invested in to – including Metaverse, Web3 initiatives and future NFT launches – with amazing rewards and utilities for all NFT Holders! 

How can I earn Rewards?

As a NFT Crowdfunding Group NFT Holder you will be given access to the Exclusive Platinum Rewards Program, which will provide all holders special utility, rewards, tickets, online events, merch, discounts from all startups initially provided with seed capital – and also exclusive rewards from all future promoted Startups and Artists promoted through the forthcoming NFT Crowdfunding Platform for years to come!

95% of the revenue of an IPO exit or sale from any of the 24 initial Startups will be sent in to a multi-signature community involved wallet and DAO to vote on forthcoming initiatives entered in to – include large scale Metaverse purchases, Web 3 initiatives and lots more!

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a way a new venture (startup, musician, artist, entrepreneur etc..) can raise capital to launch their business or project from a large number of people.

NFTs are a way of crowdfunding.

NFTs are purchased by a large number of people, and the money made from the NFT sale (mint) funds the startup or venture – in return for exclusive rewards such as merchandise, early access to innovative products, free access to services, exclusive event access and more.

What is the NFT Crowdfunding Group Portal?

The NFT Crowdfunding Group Portal is an exciting exclusive portal for NFT Holders where you can vote for which startups receive seed capital, receive regular video updates on progress and roadmaps and where all utility, rewards, merch and giveaways are revealed!

Am I investing in the Startups and will I receive Shares?

No, due to SEC and FSA regulations we are unable to provide a shares to NFT Holders but NFT Holders will be helping to support startups, musicians and artists grow, will be rewarded with amazing utilities such as whitelists from the startups; musicians; and artists, as well as merch, bonus material, exclusive event access and so much more! 

What is the NFT Crowdfunding Platform?

The NFT Crowdfunding Platform (different to the Portal) is a large scale initiative to launch the first site showcasing and promoting forthcoming NFT mints from Startups, Artists, Musicians, Performers- in return for promotion utilities will be provided to NFT Crowdfunding Group NFT Holders by way of free mints, whitelists, merch, tokens, products and services as well as giveaways.

This means new rewards and utilities will continue to be given to NFT Holders for potentially years to come! 

Is this an Investment Club?

No, unfortunately due to ongoing SEC (U.S.) and FSA (UK) regulations surrounding monetary and security token investment – rewards for NFT Holders will be provided by way of continued exciting utility, rewards, freebies, merch, products and services now and for years to come.

We are closely watching this space and, if possible and subject to regulations and agreements, may look in to security tokens in the future.

Where can NFTs be Purchased From?

Presale and Public sale mints can be purchased from this official website on the Ethereum network. 

All minted NFTs will be available on Open Seas (official link to be announced) for the possibility to purchase on the secondary market if you miss out during the mint period.

The Future of NFT Crowdfunding for Emerging Startups

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